Marina Shestakova, Green Growth Fund 2 partner, participated on 8 February 2018 in a strategy seminar at the Green Growth Fund 1 portfolio company “The Mobility House” (TMH) in Munich. Together with co-investors Mitsui and Daimler, the founders, the management team and experts from the electricity sector, including former TMH board member and senior advisor to Generation Investment Management, Alois Flatz, it was discussed how to make money with electric vehicle batteries. The batteries managed by TMH can buy and sell energy and, economically more important, provide back-up power and storage capacity. The bottom line is that stationary battery stacks compiled of either “sparepart EV batteries” or “used batteries”, like in a joint venture of TMH with Daimler and Remondis in Lünen and elsewhere, are already earning money today.

Pilot projects with EVs, where batteries are connected to the grid via “bidirectional chargers”, can also generate significant income. Their battery capacity can be used for energy supply or storage, whenever the cars are parked, be it at home, at work or at a public location equipped with bidirectional charging points.

TMH is working on managing whole swarms of EVs that provide power to the grid, either on their own or in combination with stationary batteries. Wermuth Asset Management GmbH is in discussions with providers of infrastructure finance, potential issuers of asset-backed or cashflow- secured “green bonds”, to acquire the batteries or the EV swarms and have them serviced by TMH.

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