Jochen Wermuth invited to provide a key note at Super Return International 2018

For this year’s edition of the Super Return International conference taking place at the end of February 2018 Jochen Wermuth has been invited to give a key note to the expected audience of 2.000+ visitors from the international financial investment industry. His talk is entitled ‘The green revolution: winners and losers’.

  • Jochen Wermuth’s talk will provide a close look on the current investment environment
  • Investment opportunities of the current green industrial revolution are highlighted
  • A sector analysis from before and after industrial revolutions is put into relation to today’s investment environment

Chief Investment Officer & Founding Partner of Wermuth Asset Management, Jochen Wermuth said:

“Today, an increasing number of investors and financial advisors take on their responsibility to add more value to their portfolio by implementing strategies to ensure that their investments are aligned with global requirements for sustainability. By doing so the financial markets have substantial impact on the structure of the most relevant industrial sectors, like energy, construction, transportation, food, and finance itself. Whenever entire sectors re-format, new products and new providers drive the transformation process. We will have a close look onto the current players and their ability to survive the change process.”

Wermuth Asset Management advises the Green Growth Funds, GGF 1 and GGF 2. GGF 2 builds on the success of the Green Gateway Fund 1 which helped its portfolio companies to triple their revenues in just four years. GGF2 invests in innovative energy and resource efficient businesses all over the world, but primarily in Western Europe. As an active investor, the fund helps portfolio companies sell to high-growth and high-impact markets, where energy consumption per unit of GDP can be as much as four times higher than in Germany.

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