Planet of Humans-Discussion about Post Covid Economy and Sustainability

Happy to have been part of a great online TBLI panel discussion on the opportunities to profitably move to a sustainable future, triggered by the terribly misleading film “Planet of the humans” with Sandrine Dixson-Declève, President of the Club of Rome, Kingsmill Bond of Carbon Tracker and Hunter Lovins author of a “Finer World”. 

The key messages were: 

  • Supplying all renewable power with existing technologies is possible using less than one 1% if the world’s surface.
  • peak oil demand in 2019
  • Dying oil-, gas- and coal-industry is aggressively denying climate change and the competitiveness of renewables, while holding on to subsidies without which oil, gas coal could no longer exist.
  • Purely profit-based Texans are choosing renewables over oil, gas, coal and nuclear, with renewables including storage (baseload compliant) being available for $3 cent/kWh.
  • EU unveils the world’s most climate-ambitious stimulus package

Have a look!